Rounding Up Undies

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Services: Logo Design


Rounding Up Undies is a nonprofit that provides hygiene kits to young women in impoverished areas like Uganda and Mali.

We worked with the team at Rounding Up Undies to design a logo to launch their brand, applying it to hygiene kit packaging, promotional materials, and more.

The Process

Research × Sketches

We started by researching Ugandan art and textiles to gain an understanding of dominant colors and patterns present in the culture and began sketching ideas for basic shapes and type treatments.

Design Exploration

Based on the research and initial sketches, we explored a variety of visual directions and type treatments. At this stage, we started to incorporate hand-drawn shapes and patterns. We also realized that when the underwear shape was 'folded', it resembled the shape of Africa, so it became a key element in the design recommendations.

Logo Design Options

After exploring many design ideas, we selected three options and presented them to the Rounding Up Undies team. They quickly gravitated to one design. After a round of refinements, we had a design that everyone loved.

Final Logo Design × Guidelines

We delivered the final logo with brand guidelines to ensure the logo will look great as it's used to support and promote the mission of Rounding Up Undies.

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