Bringing Data to Life
Kansas City LISC


Greater Kansas City LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation) approached flow14 with a need for an infographic they could use to communicate their ties to the community, both in the services and causes they support and how they compare to and interact with other local organizations.

The Challenge

Initially, we were asked to create a network diagram, but as we looked through the data provided, we realized a network diagram would result in an extremely complex visual, making it difficult for viewers to understand and difficult to update in the future.

The Solution

We created an engaging data visualization by using d3js, a JavaScript library that enables relatively simple and flexible visualization of complex data. d3 provides the added benefits of being maintainable, functional across mobile and desktop devices, and offers the ability to export vector graphics that can be reproduced in print.

View the live version

Interacting with the Infographic

Viewers can rollover any of the services or organizations to see how they're connected to each other.

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