Who We Are

flow14 is a design studio based in Kansas City. We specialize in making results-driven design that works wonders. We help your growing business, nonprofit, or political group stand out with outstanding work that moves your audience to act.

Kyle Johnston

Kyle Johnston is a designer and creative leader with over 20 years of experience in practicing and leading design, creative strategy, and user experience. He believes keeping your audience at the center of your creative strategy ensures design works to drive business results. His perspective has led to strategically smart, award-winning creative work for well-known brands like Garmin, Hallmark, AMC Theaters, and more.

Lisa Johnston

Dr. Lisa Johnston holds graduate degrees in both psychology and education and brings over 25 years of experience in psychology, statistics/research, communication, and education. She believes understanding emotional impact and assessing results is vital to delivering design and messaging that excites and resonates with the audience. Lisa’s unique perspective is a core pillar of the insights and strategy that drive results for our clients at flow14.

What We Do For You

Our focus on results-driven design and creative strategy means we tackle all kinds of challenges. And while the deliverables may differ for every project, there are three areas where our work works wonders:



We help you see the forest for the trees and find the needle in the haystack. We ask the hard questions to understand where you're starting from and where you hope to go. Then, we plot a course and outline the communication tools you need to succeed in your journey.

Typical projects include: creative strategy, brand strategy, content strategy, user experience (UX) planning, brainstorming workshops



Whether you're starting from scratch or you want to improve something you’ve made, we bring your vision to life with results-driven design that breaks through the clutter and distinguishes you from the competition. Design that reaches the right audience at the right time and moves them to engage with you.

Typical projects include: branding, logo design, website design, UX design, content development



Ultimately, you want growth. In revenue, customers, audience, reach. Wherever you seek it, we focus on driving it. We assess the impact of our work and help you make sense of the data. You’ll understand what moves your audience and what’s driving your growth.

Typical projects include: SEO, analytics, content optimization, A/B testing